Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Drones are very popular amusement tool for people of all ages, including a retired air force man and a kid start thinking to taste the feel of flying. There was a time kite was in the place when someone wants to take the feel of flying an object in the air. But in these days’ drones has taken the position of the kites. Among numbers of a manufacturer, SYMA drone is already in a good market position with numbers of awesome features and specifications.  Here you can get drones for the beginner and for an expert too.

SYMA drone producer is on the market for quite a time now and has already gained a good market reputation that resembles the reviews of the users. Many of its products are best sellers in different offline and virtual markets. Here you can get some name of best SYMA drones that you should check out before making any purchasing decision.

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SYMA Drone X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro – The Best Seller Drone on Amazon

syma x5c 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro 1024x406 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Attributes Spec.
Price from $42 – BEST SELLER
Flight Time 6-8 minutes
Charging Time 100 minutes
HD Video Recording Equipped with HD camera and 2GB memory card
Item model number X5C-W
Remote Control Included? Yes
Color Great, Syma Drone X5C have multi-colored for your choices

This is one of the best drones for the beginner. It has a great camera and the asking price of this product is very reasonable. Old fellas can also find it enjoying while using this. No registration is required from UAS. Here are some of its technical specifications.

Read SYMA Drone X5C User Guide

Technical specifications:

  • This is a Quad-copter styles drone and you can get it in red color.
  • It has a product dimension of 16.5 * 12.2 * 3.8 inches.
  • Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors .
  • Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion .
  • The weight of this SYMA drone is 1.2 pounds only.
  • You can use it up to 14 years according to the manufacturer.
  • Only one battery is required to run this and that should be Lithium ion.

Prominent features:

  • The frame of this drone is properly built and the user can find it easily. It can consume minor strikes too. This is why you can expect to use it for a longer period. It is one of the best drones for sale
  • This is a compact done machine that you will feel fun to fly. It is significantly a stable product that you can get at this price range. The six axis Gyro process of stabilization works perfectly fine.
  • You can turn the camera on from a remote distance. It can easily take remote pictures. Camera videos are quite great. You can expect to get HD quality reflections.
  • The size of this drone is very perfect. The battery can be swapped very easily.
  • There is a 2GB memory card with this drone and it can offer you 360 degrees eversion.
  • This drone is very much wind resistant and can fly for at least seven minutes. This is why SYMA drone for sale is not a popular query, as people continue to use this over a long period of time.

Read SYMA Drone X5C User Guide

SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera

Main Features: 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors Modular design structure is applied, ...

Available: In stock
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Best Quadcopter to date for the money! The picture attached shows the SYMA quadcopter up about 200 feet or more. The house on the left with the orange roof is on a hill about 75 feet above me and my transmitter and as you can see I am way above that roof. I have 2 helicopters, 2 hubsan quadcopters, 1 with a 2mp camera and one without. I purchased the SYMA x5c from an Ebay seller who was in Calif. Didn't want to wait the 30-45days from China. The Syma came with the landing gear attached, I didn't need to install the blade guards because I am a veteran RC pilot. I used one of the already charged batteries from my hubsan. Yes they fit fairly well but flight time is less because they are only 380ma. The SYMA X5 flies great, better than the hubsan x4 and it is twice the size so you can see it better in the sky. Camera works great, the directions say to use the top right button but that is incorrect, the SYMA X5c is the newer model and there is a slide button on the front panel, slide it up to take a photo, slide it down to turn on the video. Video is 1280x 720 avi files. Same as the hubsan in HD. Here are my Pro's and Cons:Pros:Copter handles beautiful, love the feel, fun to flyMore stable than any $60 quad I have flown.Read more ›
January 9, 2015
I'm not a quadcopter expert by any means, but I have flown a number of different models. The Syma X5C-1 is the best handling and easiest to fly of any of the entry level quadcopters I have flown. I like the UDI U818A and have three. They are fun to fly, forgiving, and have survived many crashes. However, since I bought the Symas, I now have two X5C-1s, I rarely fly the U818A. The X5C-1 is more stable, easier to hover, handles the wind better, and can survive some rough treatment. It will carry an 808 Keychain camera if you want upgraded video, but will not fly well with a Mobius or anything heaver. With a little practice, it can be flown inside or out.It can be equipped for first person view. I recently mounted a Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera & VTX (SPMVA1100) atop one of my X5C-1s and I'm getting some great FPV video through a remote monitor I mounted atop the Syma transmitter. I highly recommend the X5C-1 as a great beginner quadcopter!
June 3, 2015
Great little drone. I suggest starting out in the middle of the floor of the largest room you have and taking it about 2 feet of the ground. Trim it so it doesn't drift right left forward or backward and then just practice moving it around WITHOUT CHANGING THE THROTTLE until you get the hang of it. It's easy to control but I'm still trying to get the hang of making it go the direction I want it to go when I'm not right behind it. I have about 10 batteries so I've probably flown it for several hours in the house. .I happen to be quite the expert in the crashworthiness of this particular drone, I have crashed it into just about everything in the house (including the back of my wifes head). I have partially submerged it in a sink full of dirty dish water and dishes (submerged one prop/motor completely, ran fine after that). My many crashes make it sound like it's hard to control but the truth is I just keep trying to do tougher and tougher maneuvers with it. I've hit everything from chandeliers, to oil lamps (not lit) to the wood burner, couches, chairs, walls, lamps, windows, ceilings, ceiling fans and pretty much every table in the house. One thing I will say that is an added bonus is that when you crash it into something, it doesn't leave marks. (like for instance if you crash it full speed into the wall like I have skillfully managed to accomplish several times). We're trying to sell our house so my wife cringed when I first start bouncing it off of everything but hey, not a mark on anything it bounced off of, I was amazed. It probably also helped that I summoned all my skills and hovered over her for ten seconds the other night and helped her relieve one of her hot flashes with the significant downdraft this thing puts out.Read more ›
December 29, 2014


Best Syma Drone For Beginner: Syma X5SW

Original Drones SYMA X5SW WIFI RC Drone FPV Helicopter Quadcopter with HD Camera 2.4G 6 Axis Real Time RC Helicopter Toy Free Shipping. 1024x727 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Attributes Spec.
Price from $47
Flight Time Approx 5.5 minutes
Charging Time 130 minutes
Control distance about 50 Meters
Item model number X5SW
Remote Control Included? Yes
Color Black, White

It is affordable, ideal for beginners, Wi-Fi compatible (through which you can transmit video feed in real time to iOS or Android devices), and has excellent FPV (first person view) capability. The Syma drone X5SW has a built-in camera that at 2 mpg is quite amazing. The remote controller has a socket to hold your phone to make streaming convenient.

Fresh users do not need to worry about the quadcopter’s orientation thanks to its headless mode feature. With 360-degree 3D rolling options, the Syma drone X5SW is proving that it has great value for money. You can make it perform turns with ease and simplicity and watch as the gyroscope mechanism smoothens things out mid-flight.

More powerful than the Syma Flagship X5C, this multi-functional drone has better build quality than its predecessor; durable plastic and reinforced landing gear. There are two built-in modes for the remote.

The drone comes equipped with gyro and flashlights for nighttime flying. You can choose between black and white color options. The whole design is shiny and durable, highlighting style and aesthetic appeal.

Its 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum technology increases range and causes the drone to display faster reaction times (100 times faster than radio control) to your inputs with the remote. Whereas ordinary RC drones can fly to 15 meters, a 2.4 gigahertz powered quadcopter like the Syma drone X5SW can attain 50 meters.

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syma x5sw explorers2 24g 4ch 6 axis gyro rc headless quadcopter with 03mp ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9q0g2q Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?


Colorful Flashing Lights Colorful flashing lights make it fun to play during the day time or night both indoor or outdoor Blade Protector Comes equipped with a blade protector for safe flights. ...

amazon Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?
I bought this as an initial trainer to see if drone flying is right for me. So far I'm impressed and no reason not to give this a high rating. The length of flights have been approx. 7-10 minutes, the IPhone App has worked flawlessly and overall I'm very happy. If my attitude changes, I'll update my review but so far I'm more than impressed for the price. JUST NOTE: This is not a high end photography platform. That costs real money but this is a great entry to learn how to fly and position the camera, etc.
August 7, 2015
I am completely blown away by the performance of this quad.It is fairly speedy, easy to maneuver, and best of all easy to learn.The fpv wifi camera, while not having the best picture quality, is still more than adequate for me.I mainly use the camera to help me see where the quad is heading and maintain position.That said I have gotten some decent shots of the area around my home.One thing I would like to mention though is this quad is very light, and will have some trouble with high winds
October 19, 2015
Product was delivered on time and was exactly what I expected battery life is really short so I would recommend buying extra batteries and if your new to flying like I was I would buy extra blade protectors and landing gear. But after a few bad crashes its a lot of fun to fly once you get use to it
September 9, 2015


  • The drone is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • A 6-axis gyro feature enhances stability and imparts better wind resistance
  • Smartphone streaming compatibility is quite the smart addition
  • 4 GHz anti-interference technology keeps the drone flying strong no matter how many drones are in the vicinity. This means more copters can fly about simultaneously and yours will remain true to your control.


  • Flight time is rather short, meaning regular battery changes for which you will need to stock up on replacements


SYMA Drone X8g 2.4g 4ch 6 Axis

It is one of the best SYMA drones considering the features it has. Though few people consider it as a bit expensive, there is no way to say something against the utility it can generate. Here are some of its specifications.

SYMA X8G 2 4G 4ch 6 Axis FPV Wifi RC Drone Quadcopter With 5MP Wide Angle 1024x1024 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Technical specification:

  • It is a good SYMA drone that has a product dimension of 29.1 * 13.4 * 5.1 inches.
  • The exact weight of this product is around 3.3 pounds.
  • The frequency it can use is 2.4 GHz

Prominent features:

  • You can consider it as the best drones for sale as it consists of a lot of things. You can get a transmitter, a screwdriver, a card reader, and four protection frames with it. Moreover, you can get four landing gears with eight rotating blades too.
  • It includes a 4GB memory card too. There are at least four channels in it.
  • You need only four AA batteries to run this drone. The camera of this drone is very effective and you can control that from a standard remote distance. The distance is around seventy meter which is really significant to mention.
  • You can play it for around eight minutes. You can charge it within 200 minutes. If you find SYMA drone for sale anywhere, don’t hesitate to check that out as these drones can offer long term service.

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syma x8g 24g 4ch 6 axis gyro rtf rc drone quadcopter with 8mp 1080p hd ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9qlvw0 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?


escription: Brand Name:Syma Model:X8G Frequency:2.4G Channel:4CH Gyro:6 axis Color:Silver Battery:7.4V 2000MAH(Banana-type plug ) Flight Time:10-12 Minutes Charging Time:70 Minutes Charging Way:USB ...

amazon Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?
Nice enough quadcopter, but underpowered. Not able to overcome 5mph breeze in Low Rate mode. It will definitely get to the 400ft ceiling (and beyond) that UAFs are to stay under, so BEWARE! I was very lucky to find mine after I flew it for the SECOND time and the breeze took it. I had control of it (although I could not see it for the trees) as it climbed to nearly 500+ feet high and I'm guessing nearly 1000 feet away from me. I found it the next day 1/4 mile from where I launched. The video of the flight showed me just how high it was. It also showed me trying to get it back (camera was pitched forward, into the wind and towards my location). When the X8G lost signal, it began to free-fall. Anyway, it dropped for about 22 seconds before landing in a clearing (so lucky it didn't get caught in a tree). (It took 2.2 seconds to hit the ground after clearing the tree canopy, which is at least 120 feet, so you do the math on the kind of altitude it reached.) I'd read many reviews of first time fliers that have a "run away" or "fly away" situation. That was exactly what happened to me; I felt helpless as the (gentle) 5mph prevented it from coming back to me. Had I fully read the (wonderfully translated (not)) instructions, I would have know how to put it into High Rate. When you do that, this thing will fly (no pun intended) and overcome stiff winds. So a WARNING to you novice fliers: know how to switch between High and Low Rate (upper left corner button on this Syma control). Use Low in close quarters or when trying to video; use High rate when you need to overcome those winds and bring her home! Another useful note: After mine crashed down 1/4 mile away and I could not locate it, it kept filming for 45 minutes!Read more ›
March 11, 2016
I am a novice flier and I bought this quad mostly for training purposes. My expectations were that if I could learn to fly this toy, I could easily handle the more expensive GPS/gimbal equipped drone I plan to buy. So this was to be my "crash dummy" and as such it mostly fulfilled my expectations.Perhaps predictably, I crashed the thing more than I flew it the first few times I took it out in the field. It held up well through moderate low altitude crashes.For the one major incident I had, I am happy to report that spare parts are readily and inexpensively available and that repairs were not too difficult to do. After five or six times out, I finally had two successful flights today, meaning I kept the bird in the air for the full battery life of about 6 minutes and was able to maneuver it well around an open field.All through the learning process, I was frustrated by the copter's tendency to veer off in one direction despite my best attempts to calibrate the horizontal position and/or compensate with the trim controls. Maintaining a steady hover requires a lot of stick action by the operator even in windless indoor conditions. In low speed mode, it is unable to stand up to light winds of 5 to 7 mph, It is easily able to fly against such winds in high speed mode. The discovery of this last fact is what led to my successful flights today.I haven't been able to work the drone well in headless mode, but that might still be me. It would have been really nice to have that feature working while I was learning to see the quad's orientation during my early attempts. My first reaction during early flights was to ditch when the thing was headed too far away from me and I couldn't turn it toward me.The quality of the video is good.Read more ›
January 17, 2016
perfect, more than a toy is a work tool for me, i have a small company that record events and with this quadcoper i can record dances in weddings or a party in a big garden and i am very happy, the camera is impressive full hd and the quality of the materials and the resistans are impressive, i recommend it 100%
January 6, 2016

The Hobbyists’s Choice: Syma X11

71rO5NV2rEL. SL1500  e1436372261482 1024x698 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Attributes Spec.
Price $27.58
Battery type  3.7V 200mAh Li-poly
Flight Time 5-8 minutes
HD Video Recording 2 megapixel HD
Communication Distance 30 meters

One of the best in the small-scale series of drones, the Syma drone X11 is intuitive, has propeller guards, and great value for money. This micro-sized quadcopter can be used both indoors and outdoors and is quite convenient to fly thanks to the ‘thumb control’ remote type.

One special feature about the X11 is that is uses geared motors, ensuring more stable flights and capability to handle better and bigger propellers. With only 35 minutes needed to charge using a USB, you can start flying with the Syma drone X11 with no big delays.

Users will appreciate the LED flashlights under the drone indicating that the remote is in range. Hovering or full-fledged flight is simple and easy, which is why hobbyists will adore the Syma drone X11. A ‘flip’ button on the upper right side of the transmitter makes for a fun feature but use it outdoors only and away from obstacles. Remember that the ‘hi-lo’ mode influences this feature’s performance.

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syma x11 rc quadcopter red ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9qlvny Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?


- Up/down,left/turn right,forward/backward /sideward with 360 eversion - 2 speed is available - 2 frequency is available - 6-axis, may throw to fly - Spare parts: 1PCS scewdriver 1PCS tail blade ...

amazon Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?
Mine came with an issue where it would shut off randomly mid-air. Before returning, I opened it and found a cold solder joint on the negative power cable at the main board. (See attached pics.) If you have intermittent power problems you may want to check this.
January 5, 2015
Just awesome. My new favorite mini quad. Take it from me I fly lots of Drones and quads for the money this thing is the best in it's class. Amazing how high these can fly. Stable flight bright LED'S the clear legs light up making it a great night flyer. 2 modes for speed very nice. The 360 flips are so simple with one button flips. I have Hubsan equivalent quads and I like this one better. The only thing I'd say is your flight time is 7 minutes with the stock battery at 6:50 the LED's start to flash and at 7:00 it's coming down. Be aware of this. Unlike the Hubsan H107L that give you about 60 seconds of warning this might give you 10 seconds. Not a big deal over grass but it would be over water or the street. There made to take impacts but I don't like dropping them from hundreds of feet on concrete so I know as an experienced pilot to have it close to home at about 6 1/2 minutes. I'd suggest maybe use your cell phone stop watch as most people have a smart phone. Maybe even set you alarm on your phone for 6 minutes from the time you start would also be a great idea just to be safe till you know you quad. They will also take larger batteries ie I flew with a 500mAh just now but it wasn't fully charged so I don't have a fair review of the larger battery yet but I will update. For the price this is a must buy. Syma builds some of the finest quads on the market and they've hit a home run here in my book. Everyone in my family will be getting on for Christmas. Perfect for beginners to experienced pilots. I'd let my 12 year old fly it at the park with no problem. They say the range is 40 meters I'll tell you first hand it's much better than that. I've had mine almost out of sight. Looked like a tiny dot in the sky at that height. Search Jeffs820 on youtube for my videos.
November 20, 2014
Due to size difference, this is not quite an apples to apples comparison. But if you want the mini copter that is more fun because of its stability and durability, the Syma X11 is it, ans it's the cheapest of the 3 I have.I have this Syma X11, the Estes 4606, and the UDI RC U839. I also have the much bigger Syma X5.Of the small copters, I like this one best.Size: Syma X11 is biggest, kind of like a bird compared to the tiny insect like UDI and even smaller Estes.Power: Syma X11-200ma, UDI 150ma, Estes 100ma. I get that the UDI and the Estes are much smaller but the tiny batteries seem to have a problem with even power consumption. When I first start flying them they seem to be easier to keep stable and hover in the beginning of the flight then as their batteries discharge it feels like I have to give them more throttle which makes it harder to hover.Blades: Syma has larger blade-like props while the other two are tiny and rounded.Prop Guards: Syma and UTI have them, Estes doesn't. It makes a difference as the Estes props get damages a lot and they fly of in various directions every time they hit something.Controller: The Syma's larger controller fits much easier into the hand and has a XB360 look and it holds 4 AA's. The larger controls also allow for finer adjustments. The Estes' controller looks the cheapest made and the UTI's requires recharging the included lipo battery which means taking it out.All in all, I like the Syma best. Its much more fun indoors as it is much easier to control. I can take off, land on various surfaces, fly around, and still bump into things without any damage.
November 13, 2014


  • Convenient flying.
  • Value for money.
  • Stable even in slightly windy weather
  • Compact.
  • Has geared motors unlike other micro-sized quadcopters.


  • Delicate propellers; avoid damage or they will break.
  • Spare parts yet to become available from manufacturer.
  • Gears accumulate lint, dust, hair, etc. Needs regular maintenance.


Another Syma Drone for beginner : SYMA Drone S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro

S107 S107G RC Helicopter with Gyro 1024x1024 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?

Attributes Spec.
Price from $15 – Best Seller
Flight Time Flight times not as long but it moves quick.
Shipping Weight 12.8 ounces
Item Weight 8 ounces
Item model number S107
Batteries Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Color Great, Syma Drone S107/S107G Helicopter have multi-colored for your choices

Undoubtedly it is one of the best drones for the beginner. The customer rating of this drone is very high and people of all age can use it. Take a look at some of its technical specifications.

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syma s107s107g rc helicopter with gyro red ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9qlvw0 Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?


Syma S107G is equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver). This palm size S107 Toy Helicopter (18.5cm long) comes with Aluminum Frame and a Great detail canopy. It is able ...

amazon Best SYMA Drones for sale on 2016 and why ?
This is the perfect helicopter for indoor use. Great for all ages! I got this helicopter for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It's very durable which is perfect because so far he has flown it into numerous walls, the ceiling, and slammed it against the floor many times. It takes a while to get used to controlling perfectly but it is definitely fun to mess around with. This helicopter fits in the palm of your hand and is very light weight. The battery holds a pretty good charge. We are able to fly it around the house on a full charge for a good 20 minutes or so. Now, with this helicopter I also wanted something to practice landing. I found this helipad and it worked PERFECTLY with this helicopter. Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad - LED Lights Installed - Suitable for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Drones, Syma Helicopters. It fits this helicopter perfectly on it and even has little landing lights. if you're looking for the whole package I highly recommend picking up this helipad as well. Overall, this has been a very fun helicopter to mess with this past week. Both my husband and I have enjoyed it. Also, it's really convenient being able to charge it from the USB port of an Xbox One. If you have any hesitation to get this, don't. You won't be disappointed.
September 6, 2015
My 10 yr old loves remote controlled helicopters so when his birthday arrived a few weeks ago it was only natural for me to know what to get him....a new helicopter. I purchased the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro (red color) and a Heli-pad landing platformRemote Control Helicopter Landing Pad - LED Lights Installed - Suitable for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Drones, Syma Helicopters. (which he also loved) for his birthday and lets just say that is all that he would play with. At first the helicopter doesn't look like much but it is very sturdy and durable for its smaller size. It really looks like a real helicopter and lights up too!The Syma has a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver and this tiny sized S107 Toy Helicopter (18.5cm long) comes with an aluminum frame and a detailed canopy. Move in a 3 direction base on the 3 channels, and anyone can hover it easily without it breaking. This is an inside only helicopter but makes for great fun. After a few short tries, my son was able to get the hang of it and was landing it on the heli-pad within an hour. The remote is a good size and has an on/off switch as well as the helicopter. The helicopter can be charged by the included USB cable through any port that offers USB syncing. This really is a wonderful helicopter that will provide hours of entertainment for everyone.I was offered this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.
August 14, 2015
I bought this for my girlfriend (26 yrs) who has never flown. Right from the box, she was able to hover and fly this with absolutely no problem. She is on her 5th charge now, and has not crashed once. This is a great heli for the money - no question about it. Stop reading this review and buy this.
November 3, 2011

Technical specifications:

  • Product dimension of this SYMA drone is 17.7 * 7.6 * 3.1 inches.
  • The weight of it is electric drone nominal, only one pound.
  • This motor type of this drone is brushed.

Prominent features:

  • This drone has stable fighting characteristics. You can fly it easily.
  • You can use this drone for more than fourteen years. This is why you can easily put this SYMA drone for sale in case you want to replace it and purchase a new one, plenty of customers will be there.
  • As it is very light in weight, the chance of facing destruction due of any collision in almost negligible!
  • Lithium polymer battery will be necessary to run this drone.
  • It can work in 3 channels and anyone can hover. Considering the long run effectiveness, you can consider it as one of the best drones for sale.
  • The frame of this drone is made of aluminum and you can receive a super detail canopy.
  • This is a very cheap drone for sale , so i recommended it will be the best choice of Drone for beginners who want to learn how to control a drone .


Apart from these three best SYMA drones, you can get many other products from the same brand. SYMA drone is in this present stand as because it has proved its efficiency to meet up the user demand. With all its significant characters and cost effective values, it has become really tough for the peoples to get better products that these. So if you are thinking to get your drone for any particular purpose depending on your necessity, don’t forget to unveil the specifications and users review of these products.

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