Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

Hubsan H107D X4 First Person View (FPV) Quadcopter Review

One of the most exciting drones of the year is improved Hubsan H107D. It takes a solid foundation, upgrades all the components and integrates an FPV system into the radio controller. Yes, that means that you can fly your drone without even seeing it, using exclusively the on-board camera that is relaying the video feed in real time.

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In other words, you can use it like a video game, piloting the Hubsan H107D drone around the house, through obstacles or outside, in places you’ve never gone before. This makes owning the Hubsan H107D a whole adventure with endless possibilities at a price that was never before possible. (Previously, having FPV capabilities meant you had to spend thousands!)

First impressions

The first time you fly the Hubsan H107D, you’ll be surprised by it’s size. It’s amazing that they packed so much technology into such a small drone. The video quality is very good and the performance is very intuitive.

hubsan h107d drone flying Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

This is one of the better drones to get started with because although it does have decent stabilization (in other words, it won’t flip upside down when you’re flying!), it allows you to learn how to really fly properly. (So when you learn how to fly this little guy, you’ll be able to fly the bigger ones with ease)

In fact, most of the fun with these drones is learning how to fly. When you’re just starting off, I recommend trying to fly around a tree or small obstacle. Just get it around and come back.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try flying around your house using only the on-board camera for navigation! (Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds… but sure is fun!)

The build quality

The Hubsan H107D packs all the features that you want in a drone at this price but there are some compromises to be made. For starters, the radio controller has all the important parts (6 axis-control, full fledged video menu allowing you to configure everything on the drone, recording options, live video display) however it doesn’t have the smooth rubbery grip that you can expect with some of the more expensive drones.

drone radio control Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

Same with the drone itself. The aim was to have the lightest possible drone in order to increase maneuverability and battery life so the propellers are made of soft plastic. This is both good and bad. Good because the drone propellers are safer (you won’t be losing any limbs because the propellers are so soft! This alone should be an argument why you get this drone over other ones.) however this also means that you’ll want replacement propellers handy. Fortunately, these are extremely inexpensive and I recommend you get a handful of them. Hubsan has put together an amazing crash-pack kit which allows you to pretty much do anything to your drone and have piece of mind.

hubsan crashpack Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

Flying performance

If there’s one thing Hubsan got right is the performance on this drone. If you’re going full speed, it moves! However, not at a rate that is uncontrollable. You have enough power to make it fun and enjoyable while not worrying about running into a wall. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell the orientation of the drone (what’s forward and what’s backward) however in terms of flying, it provides very stable flight.

If ever flight does seem a little bit wobbly, you’ll want to make sure the propellers are properly set (sometimes when you crash, the propellers change orientation a little and you just need to make sure they are level). Overall, I was very pleased with the performance and stability of the drone. I was unable to flip it no matter what I did which is a true testament to the stability control that is included with the drone.

Battery life of the Hubsan

As expected, the one problem with having so much fun with a tiny drone is that the batteries always leave you wanting more. The stock battery is adequate but you’ll want to get the larger capacity 500mAh batteries when flying with the Hubsan H107D. If you have a pack of 500mAh batteries on hand, you’re set for a good afternoon of flying!

drone batteries 500mah Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter

I personally charge up 4-5 500mAh batteries before I go flying and I have found that to be sufficient, giving me about 45 minutes of fun with some small breaks to change the batteries.

Mods and community around the Hubsan H107D FPV drone

One of the benefits of having such a popular drone is that there is a huge community of enthusiasts (like myself), that own the drone. This means that are there are countless mods, videos and components that you can use with the Hubsan H107D if you want to take it to the next level. (For example, there is a fish-eye lens mod that is pretty cool).

Really, you can improve any aspect of it (range, battery life, camera, propellers, etc) which was a great selling point. However, you really don’t need any mods to start with (just get the basic drone with a few extra batteries, the crash-pack kit and you’re good to go!)


Overall, the Hubsan H107D is a great drone that offers the best FPV experience at this price range. You’ll learn how to fly a drone and have a ton of fun flying using the FPV camera. It really opens up a new world of possibilities, something that wasn’t possible until right now.

I highly recommend the Hubsan H107D FPV drone.

Best Drones Review : Hubsan H107D FPV Quadcopter
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