Beginner Drones – Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players

Drones for beginners 1024x819 Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players

Covering the best quadcopters while also finding the cheapest ones can be challenging. However, we managed to find three of the best in this double-regard, ideal for novices and professionals alike, but friendlier to the beginner. From simple controls and a copter design that brings new meaning to the phrase ‘drones for dummies’, you can certainly appreciate the diversity that the following quadcopters bring.

Drones Review

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF

With its integrated 6 axis flight control and customizable gyro sensitivity options, this little beauty from Hubsan grants you surprisingly stable flight for something so small. A major improvement from its earlier model (its predecessor H107C), the H107D comes packing interesting upgrades.

drone review h4 hubsan640 Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players


  • The earlier model did not have live feed options, but this new one does.
  • 4.3-inch LCD display positioned in the top center of the remote control transmitter lets you see an aerial view as streamed to you by the H107D from the sky.
  • This may not be a brand new quadcopter design, merely one with extra upgrades from the last model, but it sure is more agile and sturdier.
  • It is also practice-friendly, meaning you can learn on the fly.
  • It shows a flight distance of 50-100 meters. As long as you stay within this range, live video feeds are not a problem.
  • 7-minute flight duration.
  • 3 MP camera resolution for photos, and 640 x 480 video resolution.


  • Battery is a challenge to insert and remove.
  • The recorded video code needs to be changed to be viewed on a computer.
  • The charging cable storage is a little weak.

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hubsan h107d x4 mini rtf quadcopter with fpv camera black ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9qlvw0 Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players


Lightweight airframe with nice durability Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity Permits super stable flight, flying outdoor Motor(X4): 0820 Coreless Frequency: 2.4GHz ...

Start from: $60.00
amazon Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players
This is a really great FPV quad. It is everything I love about the X4 with the added features of FPV. It is an X4 through and through. Has all the cool features of the original X4, like changeable rates, fast yaw and speed. Hubsan has the insanely great design with the break joints in the arms making this quad extremely durable.The FPV is 5.8GHz and the transmission is instantaneous. The screen on the transmitter is very nice and you can record to an SD card on the transmitter. It does not come with an SD card though. The FPV on this quad is great and you can sit in one room and fly it in another no problem.My son picked this up and was flying circuits in FPV only from another room in about 4 flights. He had never flown FPV before, so it is remarkably easy to pick up. The X4 itself is very stable but also very fast, so beginners might have a little trouble with it. For intermediates and advance flyers this is awesome from the start though! If you want to practice FPV before you spend a lot of money on a FPV racer this is a perfect quad to start with!Overall I love this quad and have had more fun with it in a few days, than most of my others I've had for a while. I own 40 quads and this is on the top of my list for fun. I highly recommend it! Also, Little One's Choice is an amazing seller and they have really great customer service!The video I have attached is my son flying FPV around the house, with lots of obstacles and small spaces to maneuver through. It's a good example of it's capabilities.Here is a link to my full detailed review, I recommend to watch it as it has a lot more information than this written review. Thanks!Full review:
July 17, 2015
First, a couple of initial impressions:* Black is not the best color for a quadcopter, especially a small one. With the running lights on, it's fine for night flying, but on sunny days, black blends in too well with the dark background of trees.* This is the first quadcopter that I've flown that had a live video display integrated into the controller.The Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini is a fine little flyer, very maneuverable and quick to respond to the controls. So quick, in fact, that I highly recommend flying it in Normal Mode, dialing in adjustments to the control sensitivity to match your own skills. (Trust me, Expert Mode is not for the faint-hearted.) It's also a sturdy little quadcopter. I crashed it pretty hard a couple of times while getting a feel for the controls, and there was no damage. I did have a couple of rotors pop off, but they're simple enough to put back on.The live video feed is pretty cool, but in my flying, even with a clear line of sight, the video sometimes intermittently broke up when the quadcopter was less than a hundred feet away, especially when there were metal objects around. The quadcopter was still responsive to the controls out to at least two hundred feet, however. The loss of some video may have had to do with the orientation of the quadcopter and the antenna, but I'm not sure.Some other assorted comments:* The live video display on the controller shows a true image from the camera, as well as the playback. The file that is saved on a micro-SD card has a different aspect ratio. Playing the video files on my PC's media player looked very elongated. I tried to include some of the video in my demonstration video, but the simple editing software I use wouldn't handle it.Read more ›
July 26, 2015
This is a mini drone. It's pretty small. When I got it I thought it was going to be much bigger. The remote is bigger than the drone itself. Basically I used this drone inside. I didn't really bring it outside because I didn't want to take the change of it getting catch in the tree. That would be my luck. This drone has tight turning and is very quick to respond. It is very fast and has the ability to do flips. The remote has a screen that allows you to see live footage of the drone flying. I didn't really use the screen because I was too busy making sure I wasn't going to hit anything. The batteries died pretty fast so there's a lot of charging time. It doesn't take long to charge it either. Your going to notice the legs tend to snap off. This is going to happen. It's a way to make sure the drone can take the impact. Just snap them in an you'll be good. This is a great product and I was very happy with it. I was provided a free sample in exchange for a fair and him set review.
August 21, 2015


Sold at the reasonable price of $146.99 (Amazon), the Hubsan H107D gets you FPV (first person view) flight, is one of the smallest drones on the market that has this feature, and provides excellent learning opportunities.


SYMA Drone X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro – The Best Seller Drone on Amazon

syma x5c 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro 1024x406 Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players

Attributes Spec.
Price from $42 – BEST SELLER
Flight Time 6-8 minutes
Charging Time 100 minutes
HD Video Recording Equipped with HD camera and 2GB memory card
Item model number X5C-W
Remote Control Included? Yes
Color Great, Syma Drone X5C have multi-colored for your choices

This is one of the best drones for the beginner. It has a great camera and the asking price of this product is very reasonable. Old fellas can also find it enjoying while using this. No registration is required from UAS. Here are some of its technical specifications.

Read SYMA Drone X5C User Guide

Technical specifications:

  • This is a Quad-copter styles drone and you can get it in red color.
  • It has a product dimension of 16.5 * 12.2 * 3.8 inches.
  • Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors .
  • Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion .
  • The weight of this SYMA drone is 1.2 pounds only.
  • You can use it up to 14 years according to the manufacturer.
  • Only one battery is required to run this and that should be Lithium ion.

Prominent features:

  • The frame of this drone is properly built and the user can find it easily. It can consume minor strikes too. This is why you can expect to use it for a longer period. It is one of the best drones for sale
  • This is a compact done machine that you will feel fun to fly. It is significantly a stable product that you can get at this price range. The six axis Gyro process of stabilization works perfectly fine.
  • You can turn the camera on from a remote distance. It can easily take remote pictures. Camera videos are quite great. You can expect to get HD quality reflections.
  • The size of this drone is very perfect. The battery can be swapped very easily.
  • There is a 2GB memory card with this drone and it can offer you 360 degrees eversion.
  • This drone is very much wind resistant and can fly for at least seven minutes. This is why SYMA drone for sale is not a popular query, as people continue to use this over a long period of time.

Read SYMA Drone X5C User Guide

SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With HD Camera

Main Features: 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors Modular design structure is applied, ...

Available: In stock
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Best Quadcopter to date for the money! The picture attached shows the SYMA quadcopter up about 200 feet or more. The house on the left with the orange roof is on a hill about 75 feet above me and my transmitter and as you can see I am way above that roof. I have 2 helicopters, 2 hubsan quadcopters, 1 with a 2mp camera and one without. I purchased the SYMA x5c from an Ebay seller who was in Calif. Didn't want to wait the 30-45days from China. The Syma came with the landing gear attached, I didn't need to install the blade guards because I am a veteran RC pilot. I used one of the already charged batteries from my hubsan. Yes they fit fairly well but flight time is less because they are only 380ma. The SYMA X5 flies great, better than the hubsan x4 and it is twice the size so you can see it better in the sky. Camera works great, the directions say to use the top right button but that is incorrect, the SYMA X5c is the newer model and there is a slide button on the front panel, slide it up to take a photo, slide it down to turn on the video. Video is 1280x 720 avi files. Same as the hubsan in HD. Here are my Pro's and Cons:Pros:Copter handles beautiful, love the feel, fun to flyMore stable than any $60 quad I have flown.Read more ›
January 9, 2015
I'm not a quadcopter expert by any means, but I have flown a number of different models. The Syma X5C-1 is the best handling and easiest to fly of any of the entry level quadcopters I have flown. I like the UDI U818A and have three. They are fun to fly, forgiving, and have survived many crashes. However, since I bought the Symas, I now have two X5C-1s, I rarely fly the U818A. The X5C-1 is more stable, easier to hover, handles the wind better, and can survive some rough treatment. It will carry an 808 Keychain camera if you want upgraded video, but will not fly well with a Mobius or anything heaver. With a little practice, it can be flown inside or out.It can be equipped for first person view. I recently mounted a Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Camera & VTX (SPMVA1100) atop one of my X5C-1s and I'm getting some great FPV video through a remote monitor I mounted atop the Syma transmitter. I highly recommend the X5C-1 as a great beginner quadcopter!
June 3, 2015
Great little drone. I suggest starting out in the middle of the floor of the largest room you have and taking it about 2 feet of the ground. Trim it so it doesn't drift right left forward or backward and then just practice moving it around WITHOUT CHANGING THE THROTTLE until you get the hang of it. It's easy to control but I'm still trying to get the hang of making it go the direction I want it to go when I'm not right behind it. I have about 10 batteries so I've probably flown it for several hours in the house. .I happen to be quite the expert in the crashworthiness of this particular drone, I have crashed it into just about everything in the house (including the back of my wifes head). I have partially submerged it in a sink full of dirty dish water and dishes (submerged one prop/motor completely, ran fine after that). My many crashes make it sound like it's hard to control but the truth is I just keep trying to do tougher and tougher maneuvers with it. I've hit everything from chandeliers, to oil lamps (not lit) to the wood burner, couches, chairs, walls, lamps, windows, ceilings, ceiling fans and pretty much every table in the house. One thing I will say that is an added bonus is that when you crash it into something, it doesn't leave marks. (like for instance if you crash it full speed into the wall like I have skillfully managed to accomplish several times). We're trying to sell our house so my wife cringed when I first start bouncing it off of everything but hey, not a mark on anything it bounced off of, I was amazed. It probably also helped that I summoned all my skills and hovered over her for ten seconds the other night and helped her relieve one of her hot flashes with the significant downdraft this thing puts out.Read more ›
December 29, 2014


Syma X6 Super Ship Four Channel

It comes with a number of control options to be used by the pilots of the X6 super ship. There is a control for navigation upwards, to the left, downwards and ultimately to the right thereby enabling flight towards those directions.

Drones Review

Wholesale Extra Large Syma X6 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quad copter RTF Helicopter 360 Eversion RC Quad copter Aircraft UFO HELI toy GYRO 1024x570 Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players


  • It is one of those toys that enable you enjoy a 3D full flight.
  • The Syma: X6 Super Ship Four Channel has an in-built Gyrostabilizer that facilitates for accuracy when it comes to air positioning.
  • The design of its structure is modular hence facilitating for easy assembly as well as convenience in maintenance.
  • The unit interests those piloting it so much especially because of the fact that the three sixty degree 3 dimensions and tumbling features have been factored in the design. In addition, a 4-axis structure that has been applied in the design makes this helicopter to have better flexibility. It can therefore make very rapid changes in direction when it’s flying.
  • The Syma: X6 Super Ship Four Channel is very suitable for outdoor flying rating at 2.4Hz.


  • Non-availability of on-board attachments
  • It cannot lift more weight


While the price for this magnificent drone comes in at $69.98 (Amazon), it is worth every cent and is still rather affordable for something that came out of Syma’s gilded halls.

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syma x6 super ship 4 channel 24ghz rc quad copter w gyro ovayth4ssb0bpt18fos0wl97x1n2tevofhva9qlvkw Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; 3D Full Flight: Various control options for those piloting the X6 Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Leftward flight, Rightward flight.; ...

amazon Beginner Drones   Top 3 Cheap & Have a good quality for new players
I did not know exactly what to expect when I purchased this Quad-copter, but for the money I was willing to experiment and see what good it was. I am VERY happy with this Copter. It does everything a regular RC Copter cannot do. I am absolutely amazed at the maneuverability of this Copter and its ability to slide straight sideways, backwards, and forwards is a cut above all of the rest of the RC Copter units. Banking, turning, hovering, vertical, and diagonal movement are extremely easy with this Copter and I just can't get enough of flying this thing. I have some acreage outside of town and go out there every day and fly it and have had a blast taking friends out there and showing them what this thing can do. I am also very pleased at how this unit breaks down easily into components that make it easy to haul around, maintain, and store.The mechanical parts are simple and durable and I have had no problems whatsoever with it having any mechanical problems after having it for more than two months. It seems so many other RC Copters that I have had were marginally good when it came to mechanical reliability and I had to either replace or adjust parts after just a few uses. Another aspect of the design of this Quad-copter is that the prop guards prevent damage in a lot of situations. You don't have to worry about the props getting into tree limps, power lines, walls, or any other obstacles when you get too close to something. It just bumps into the object and bounces off. With any other Copter it would have shredded the blade and then dropped catastrophically to the ground. So not only is this thing extremely precision in its controls, but it also is much less prone to damage in case you do get too close to any object of any kind.Read more ›
April 10, 2014
My son wanted this for his birthday despite the fact that he has few expensive brushless quadcopters already. We were at an auction and it was really cheap (the same price as on Amazon I later found out), so I picked one up. It reminds me of a larger Blade 180 QX or MQX with bumpers. Out of the box, the trims were not centered and it drifted fast. This is common with Proto-x and other toy quads. The TX gives a nice high beep to let you know when you are centered. Once I had them centered, it was only took a couple clicks to get it hovering hands free.The maiden flight was OK. I was expecting the sluggish climbs from the Li-Ion battery and the TX felt like it had a lot of expo added. I pulled a 2S 800 LiPo battery from the collection and plugged it in and then it had some nice power to it. I still had to give the stick more movement that I like, but I am used to more expensive computerized TXs. If the motors start to fail, I might have to look into getting some brushless ESCs and motors for it. I think this would work well with one of the micro FPV kits that are coming out soon.Most importantly, my son loves it. He loves flying the 200 and 350 QX outdoors and his Proto-X and Hubsan X-4 indoors, but this is something big he can fly indoors. He loves the lights on the bottom. I might add some lights for night flying too since the days are getting shorter fast. So if you are looking for a cheap but impressive toy quad that is a lot bigger than the micros that are out there, this one is worth it. It will give you something good to practice your orientations on.
September 19, 2014
OK to update one word (AWSOME) this it has now lasted over 50 flights with orig battery and also 1,000 mah battery. It will last much longer if you break in motors for a full battery pack at lowest throttle setting then let cool completely!!!! Also use a #2 lead(graphite) pencil to lubricate gears.Do not use oil on shafts or gears ,bushings are carbon impregnated.well flying good electrics hovers great blades are larger than wl262 and Also can be flown much faster in high mode if you fly it on diagonal by using right (or left)tilt forward and using opposite rotating to oppose the tilt and to not lose altitude. These little quads are like flying a helicopter with an easier learning curve There is no limits to stunts if you get one with brushless motors and the quad is much smoother easier to hover and fly I'm waiting for one with collective for inverted flight ,they will do loops and rolls not this one though!! ,not as fast as WL262(they eat motors way to quick) or as easy to modify after you remove blade protection . not good for wind but can be flown indoors with large livingroom with high ceiling ,ps watch ceiling fan!!!
January 14, 2015
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