DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere


What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft or it is normally known as UAV (standing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or UAS (abbreviation of Unmanned Aircraft System). Basically, it is a flying robot with remote controller. Due to software controlled flight plans in conjunction with sensors and GPS, a drone can fly autonomously.

In the past, drones were mainly used in military. However, drones are widely used for civilian purposes as well, such as: searching & rescuing, traffic monitoring, firefighting, weather monitoring or videography, even delivery services also. Thus, nowadays there are many kinds of drones for sale over the market in order to meet different usage of the users.



What kind of drone you are looking for?

Yes, it is right that everyone has different needs and different reasons when choosing a drone for himself. As said above, on markets now many different models of drones are available for your selection. So you are advisable to consider all of them when buying one for you by looking at drone reviews online thoroughly before you buy it.



DJI Mavic Pro – a compact design with many new technologies !

It is the best useful drone when you do anywhere

DJI is always known as one of the global leaders in developing and manufacturing innovation drones and camera technology for various using purposes. DJI has just announced a new version of drone named DJI Mavic Pro.  It is the first personal drone of DJI which is designed to be taken to anywhere due to its small size and full of powerful features.


The most notable point of the DJI Mavic Pro is lying on its operating range up to 4.3 miles (7 km) – something unheard of ordinary drone on the market. This is the fastest drone. When operating in sport mode, it can fly at speed of 65km/h. Another important property is that it has a compact design. When folded, its dimension is 83x83x198 (mm). It weighs 743 grams.


DJI Mavic Pro can fly in, fly parallel or fly in orbit around a certain object such as human, animal or car etc., It also has a working system called Terrain Following, that lets it remain its flying height from the ground when flying to anywhere.

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Here below are some drone reviews on the model DJI Mavic Pro:

  • The good: The drone is foldable with compact design so it is very convenient and useful when travelling. You can bring it wherever you go to.
  • Its controller in gaming style is also compact; however, it still has fully controls necessary for your flying and camera controlling. The device can be piloted with iOS or Android. Its battery is very good.
  • The bad: The phone mount is rather awkward to use and camera lens is quite narrow for landscapes.
  • However, despite the bad it has, it is still a great and powerful travel friendly camera drone and it is really the best useful drone for your travelling to anywhere.

DJI Mavic pro information DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere

DJI Mavic Pro has small size and full of powerful features

About recording and capturing capability, this small drone has a 4K camera, using 3-axis stabilization mechanism. It allows users to record video at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. Also, its Tripod mode allows the drone to decelerate in order to capture the perfect pictures. The user can order it by waving when the camera is looking forward to his position. After taking a picture or recording a video, the user can edit it easily due to DJI Go Editor. This image processor also features sharing functions instantly to popular social networks.


The device possesses 5 sensors, with flying time about 27 minutes. Battery is small and easy to replace. It has function of Internet connection and capability of warning when flying into restricted areas. Its Flight Automony technology allows it to see obstacles from a distance of 15 m, so as it can avoiding obstacles even when flying at a speed of 35 km/h. It is such a great drone, isn’t it?


DJI Mavic pro full DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere

Among many kinds of camera drones in the market now, it can be said that DJI Mavic Pro is the only one to combine high performance with many advanced functions and ease-of-use features so it is a perfect drone for you to take to anywhere you want. In comparison to Phantom models, the Mavic does not have same issues as its propeller arms and the props are foldable, no need to remove like Phantom’s fixed landing gear and camera position. Its size is also smaller than Phantom so it is more approachable and less obstructive. A special thing is that its performance is nearly the same as top-of-the-line model Phantom 4 and its price is also the same. That’s reason why this new version of DJI drone is regarded as a travel friendly drone.


This new small drone of DJI has a high maximum speed and it can withstand strong winds. It is shown that the drone is able to keep its camera stable and fly steadily in strong winds. In case the winds are too strong for its motors, its warning function will let you know.

DJI Mavic pro remote controller 1024x440 DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere

Though both drone and its controller are small, a Mavic Pro still has a screen to display important flight date and camera controls. If you want to see what you are shooting, it is very easy. Just need to connect a phone and mount the device below the control sticks. A switch with function to change from remote control to a wifi mode helps you quickly launch and control the drone just with your phone at distance up to 80 meters at speed of 4 meters per second. As a result, it is really nice for quick selfies and sharing it on your social networks.

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For the camera, Mavic Pro’s lens is narrower than of the Phantom, field of view is accordingly also smaller in comparison to a Phantom, but the sensor size is the same. Due to this feature, it is really special when you are flying over something and shooting down. Mavic Pro’s camera can record 4K resolution video at 30 frames per second. It can autofocus or manually focused on a subject. A special thing is that you can rotate the camera an angle of 90 degrees.


DJI Mavic pro camera 4k DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere

DJI Mavic Pro’s camera can be rotated an angle of 90 degrees

As said before, DJI Mavic Pro can fly in, fly parallel or fly in orbit around a certain object such as human, animal or car. It is due to its Active Track, allowing the drone to track the subject to follow it from the behind, in front or even along side or circle also. Its new Gesture mode is highly appreciated by selfie fans as you can use hand motions to get the camera to focus on you for snapping a photo.

DJI Mavic Pro

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to bring with you everywhere.; New OcuSync transmission system ...

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  • Last comments
I've been flying drones for a while now, I have and have had a lot of drones from different manufacturers...and as far as DJI goes I've had the Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4 and now as of yesterday the Mavic Pro. I placed my pre-order with DJI on the very first day and waited patiently until it arrived at my door yesterday afternoon. Now the first thing I'll comment on is the size of the box it comes's a lot smaller than I expected (I actually didn't think this was the Mavic when I first got the package)...but after opening the box, there it was in all its glory...the little wonder that is the Mavic Pro.I pulled the Mavic out of the box and immediately realized how little this thing is compared to my Phantoms, it's size is definitely going to be the draw for most people (it's small enough to fit in a shoulder camera bag making it WAY more portable and comfortable to tote around than my Phantom 4). The 4 arms are all folded up into the body making it about the size of a water bottle (slightly bigger) in its portable state. Once you unfold the arms (they only unfold one way, you won't break them) it ends up being almost as big around as my Phantoms (slightly smaller) but about half as tall. When you open the arms they kinda snap into place (they don't actually "snap" but they are solidly in their open positions without any worry of them accidentally closing during flight). Holding the opened Mavic in my hands it definitely doesn't have a cheap feel to it (it better not I just payed $1000 for this little guy). It's very well built and just feels rugged. The whole thing just oozes quality (I'm not sure what the top portion and the arms are made of but the underneath belly portion is made of metal).Read more ›
October 26, 2016
I just received mine today direct from DJI (not Amazon). This drone is amazing, even compared to the Phantom 4 (I've had one for about 6 months now).Pros:- Incredibly stable, even indoors! You could cut someone's hair with this drone (don't do this).- Great video quality- Amazing range. Got to ~1 mile with a good number of trees in the way before video started to flake out, 2 miles over open water without any issues. Yet to do a full range test.- TINY! I can literally put this in my jacket pocket- Almost zero setup! You can stop and be flying in about a minuteCons:- Got a good amount of reflection off of the plastic camera guard/dome. I removed it for the 2nd flight- Preliminarily it seems to be slightly less agile than a Phantom 4, but that may be due to the fact that it was pretty windy today and the Mavic is half of the P4's weight.In general I strongly subscribe to the idea that "the best camera is the one you have with you". Other drones may be more capable (and likely far more $$), but you can take this one everywhere.
October 25, 2016
Pros:__________- It folds up to the size of a water bottle. You can put in your backpack and take it out at a moment notice without anyone spotting that you have a drone in the first place.- Supper light nothing made of cheap plastic.- 4K video at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps is what you'll expect (I also have slow motion and you can reduce the pixel quality if you wish)- The drone has the option to 1080p live stream your videos online using the app.- So many perks: front- and bottom-mounted sensors, built-in obstacle avoidance, TapFly, Active Track, Follow Mode , Sports Mode, geofencing to help keep it out of restricted air zones, self-piloted return landings, etc.- Maximum speed 40 mph.- Both Android and iOS (I used an iPhone 6 for my drone testing).- For the size it gives you an average of 25 minutes, charging rate around 50 minutes to an hour.- Drone remote control is going to be a lifesaver when you use this as it adjusts to almost any smartphone out there. It also stretches the distance you can fly with (didn't fully test this one though).- You can tap on a location and it'll fly there, avoid any obstacle that comes its way, as well as you can make it follow you.- Very easy to learn to fly it. You can even just apply the option on letting the drone fly itself.- One touch option and it'll hover in front of you.- World map option allows you to tack where the drone is when you can't see it (This helped me out so much)- Holds its ground really well when dealing with wind speeds. (You might get a "tiny" shake in the video depending on a really bad wind current, but absolutely nothing to make it a Con).- Brightness and color contracts are right up their when flying at night or close to sunset.Read more ›
October 31, 2016

The new designed drone of DJI also has function of obstacle avoidance and intelligent flight capabilities. Due to its active sensor, it can sense object from a far distance (about 15m). Its optical sensor located on its belly helps it fly indoors and also keeps it from hitting the ground.

Regular speed of a Mavic Pro is about 24 mhp. At Sport mode, its speed can reach up to 40 mph. The drone also has a Tripod mode, at which you can speed down from the top speed to 2.2 mph – it is easier for the drone to get into the tight areas and also easier to get the drone into the right positions for napping a photo or recording a video.

DJI Mavic Pro easy to fly DJI Mavic Pro – The best useful drone when go anywhere

One more special thing is lying on Mavic Pro’s precision landing system which is an upgrade version of GPS RTH. The system shall use video and GPS information captured at takeoff to guide it back to land within the location it was launched from. It means, after fishing its flight circle, the drone will return right to you.

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In conclusion, the DJI Mavic Pro with its compact design with many advance features in a small body is really the best useful for you no matter where you do. For travelling, I think, smaller is better. And nothing is better than when it is smaller but with higher performance.

An unmanned aircraft system that is portable and easy to fly, easy to control and easy to use like DJI Mavic Pro can be said to be an innovation of drones for travelling users.

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